Partnership will offer recommendations for Licking County growth

A collaborative public-partnership led by the Thomas J. Evans Foundation, Framework, is in the final stages of preparing suggestions “for how jurisdictions in Licking County should grow,” as some of those jurisdictions “are scrambling to prepare for the change Intel will bring,” reports. The partnership “between 15 city, town and village governments in Licking County with other stakeholders, ranging from banks to health systems to local chambers of commerce” will “release its full strategy recommendations in August,” according to the article. Then the “onus will be on the local governments to follow through and create a vision for their future,” according to planning NEXT Principal Jamie Greene. More than 4,000 people have submitted feedback; in one Framework survey, “residents said they most valued the future of local schools, a sense of community, and housing.” Greene said the county also faces questions about “water, sewer, and other public utilities”; American Electric Power is “already eyeing a large transmission line project in Licking and Delaware Counties.” For more, read the full article.

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