Intel project’s impact on Ashland, Holmes and Wayne counties

The expected impact of approximately 3,000 six-figure jobs from Intel’s $20 billion semiconductor plant in Licking County is reaching to other regions of the state, The Daily Record reports. Leaders in Ashland, Wayne and Holmes counties “are reacting by planning economic opportunities for their citizens and education centers,” according to the article. John Staats, a construction technology teacher at Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center, called it “a selling point for kids”; Intel has said the project will require 7,000 construction workers. The career center’s superintendent, Rod Cheney, “believes programs that the center offers like robotics, equipment technology and cyber security will be able to fill Intel’s employment pipeline.” Ashland Mayor Matt Miller “believes Ashland is in a ‘good place’ in the tri-county region due to the access to universities, career technology schools and other educational options that can meet whatever job skills companies need to fill their ranks.” For more, read the full article.

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