GM bringing innovative processes to planned battery-cell plant

General Motors “is looking for 100 percent renewable energy” in its planned $2.3-billion Lordstown battery-cell plant, and will implement innovative processes in line with the company’s “sustainability strategy and all-electric future,” The Vindicator reports. More than half of the plant’s main 2.5-million-square-foot building will be “considered a ‘clean room’ with low humidity to assemble the cells,” according to the article. Plant manager Tom Gallagher said plans include “a green infrastructure that includes how we construct the building all the way through how it’s operated to be really the lowest number of resources used to operate the facility. . . . how we are going to capture and reuse will be in line from how we produce the cell all the way through its production, and any kind of byproducts will be retained and recycled and reused where they can be.” For more, read the full article.

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