Collaboration between Butler and Warren port authorities will benefit both

The executive director for Warren County’s port authority, Martin Russell, will lend his expertise to help the Butler County port authority in securing development deals, reports the Journal-News. The consulting agreement will benefit both organizations, officials on both sides say. “They have perhaps a bit more experience under their belt and some things they have encountered that we hadn’t yet and (we discussed) how we can develop a relationship that would help us benefit from some of that, but would also ensure we are fully protected (against potential conflicts),” Butler County Port Authority representative Denise Quinn said. Chairman of the Ohio Council of Port Authorities Harry A. Eadon, Jr., called this type of regional approach not uncommon and something that should be encouraged, saying, “…we’re in a broader economy regionally than what just one county has. Cooperating and collaborating with each other is actually a much better idea.” Quinn “said the port is in a much better position now to consider grander scale deals, with the help of Russell.” Butler County will pay Warren County a monthly stipend.

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