Car manufacturers broadening EV lineups to include more SUVs, trucks

The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing not only in market segment, but in the size and variety of models manufacturers are gearing up to produce, the Business Journal Daily reports. Automakers are preparing to “begin offering full-size SUVs and pickup trucks” as part of their EV lineups, according to the article. The Endurance pickup from Lordstown Motors Corp. “is expected to hit the market next year,” with 40,000 already on pre-order. Tesla reported it has 650,000 preorders for its Cybertruck, and Ford Motor Co. “will be rolling out electric versions of its venerable F-150 and Mustang lines, the latter of which will be as an all-new SUV version.” General Motors (GM) is reviving its Hummer nameplate as an electric-powered GMC truck. GM announced “a five-year, $20 billion commitment to its electric lineup,” including the $2.3 billion Lordstown plant that will produce batteries for all its electric vehicles “as well as a Honda model.” For more, read the full article.

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