State legislators introduce second bill aimed at making energy mandates optional

Ohio Republicans “have introduced a bill to gut the state’s renewable energy standards,” Columbus Business First reports. Current law requires utilities “to supply 12.5 percent of their power with alternative energy by 2027.” Utilities that fail to comply with those standards will be required to make compliance payments. If passed, House Bill 114 (HB 114), however, will transition those mandates into voluntary goals. 

UtilityDive reports that HB 114 would also “permit customers who shop on the retail market to ‘opt out of paying any rider, charge, or other cost recovery mechanism’ designed to pay for utility electricity from renewable resources.” This opt-out provision is “reportedly a response to [American Electric Power’s] plans to construct 900 megawatts of renewable energy” (see our May 24, 2016 blog post). For more, read the full Columbus Business First and UtilityDive articles. 

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