Despite COVID-19, Hamilton still expects 2020 to be “big year” for development

Hamilton city officials “remain bullish on development within their city this year” despite state-mandated business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Hamilton Journal-News reports. The city recently published its 2019 Economic Development Annual Report, which shows “the city has seen $539.6 million in private development” over the past 10 years, according to the article. During that time, “75 businesses opened in the urban core; 2,712 jobs were created and 273 housing units were created.” City officials believe the Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill indoor sports facility and convention center, due to be completed in 2021, “will significantly buoy the city’s fortunes” as it is expected to attract a million people each year, “a reason new shops have been opening along the Main Street business corridor.” For more, read the full article.

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