Rickenbacker-based Foreign Trade Zone moved $10.4B in goods in 2018

Pringles cans and “a superfast Swedish sports car” have helped Central Ohio’s status as an import-export hub to grow, with Rickenbacker Airport-based Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 138 ranked seventh out of 195 such zones in the United States, Columbus Monthly reports. The Columbus Regional Airport Authority announced “$10.4 billion in goods” passed through FTZ 138 in 2018. The zones are considered to be outside U.S Customs territory, “so imported goods don’t require duty payment upon entry,” according to the article. The majority of goods moving through Zone 138 in 2018 were textiles and footwear, but the zone also saw horses exported to the Middle East and a Swedish Koenigsegg Agera supercar exported to Dubai. The zone’s only manufacturing site is International Converter, “which fuses ultrathin aluminum to packaging paper for the likes of Pringles cans and Arby’s wrappers.” For more, read the full article.

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