Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton could all be in the running for Amazon’s $5B second HQ

Three years ago, “Amazon had no presence” in Ohio, but now Columbus is among the Ohio cities hoping to land the company’s $5-billion second corporate campus, adding to Amazon’s data centers, distribution centers and wind farms in the state, The Columbus Dispatch reports. Steve Weitzner, principal of Silverlode Consulting, said Amazon’s growing presence here “might give central Ohio an edge compared with other metro areas,” according to the Dispatch article. The Journal-News reports that Dayton “intends to try to lure the online shopping giant,” saying the city plans to respond to Amazon’s request for proposals for site location. Greater Cincinnati could leverage “low costs of living or commercial real estate” among other factors to bring the project’s expected 50,000 jobs to its metropolitan area, reports. outlined what Amazon is looking for in its “2HQ” location, and how Cleveland stacks up to those requirements. For more, read the full Dispatch, Journal-News,, and articles.

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