New submetering bill doesn’t do enough to protect consumers, opponents say

A new bill that would limit how much submetering companies could charge consumers “was described as an improvement . . . but still a bad deal” in testimony before the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee in a recent hearing, The Columbus Dispatch reports. Senate Bill 157’s main sponsor, Kevin Bacon (R-Minerva Park) “wants to find a middle ground” that allows submeter companies to continue to exist, while reducing price markups and increasing disclosure to consumers. Jeff Jacobson, speaking on behalf of the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, said the measure “remains inadequate for protecting Ohioans”; he “pointed out what he considers flaws” in the bill, “including a customer-complaint process” that is too cumbersome. American Electric Power vice president of external affairs Tom Froehle said submetering companies “are not subject to the detailed rules imposed on utility companies” regarding delivery of service and other requirements. For more, read the full article.