New Ohio House bill would deregulate power market

Could Ohio’s power market soon become deregulated? House Bill 247 (HB 247), introduced by Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R), “would overturn the state’s current electric power regime and replace it with a fuller version of deregulation,” UtilityDive reports. Since 2008, the state’s power market has been regulated by the Energy Security Plan (ESP), “Ohio’s version of integrated resource plans,” but HB 247 “would eliminate the ESP and force utilities to base customer rates on wholesale power market prices,” according to the article. American Electric Power and FirstEnergy have been pushing for years “to secure financial support for a group of ailing baseload generators, including coal and nuclear plants.” HB 247 “would look to end” the debates over those subsidies “by forcing regulated utilities to divest their generation assets.” For more, read the full article

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