Largest U.S. nuclear plant company pushes for FirstEnergy subsidies in Ohio

A major player in the nuclear power plant market has urged Ohio legislators to support FirstEnergy’s request for zero-emission credit subsidies (see our May 3, 2017 blog post), Columbus Business First reports. Exelon Corp., which owns 23 of the 100 nuclear reactors in the United States, says such zero-emission credits are “part of a national issue: Nuclear power plants are a necessary power generator, but are increasingly failing for economic reasons,” according to the article. Joseph Dominguez, Exelon’s executive vice president for governmental and regulatory affairs and public policy, submitted legislative testimony saying, “[w]e are at risk of losing the very assets that most reliably produce electricity with zero carbon emissions, and help to ensure a stable and resilient electric grid.” The Ohio House recently suspended a bill on the subsidies (see our May 23, 2017 blog post), but the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee is scheduled to hold another hearing on the bill this month. For more, read the full article.