Gov. Kasich vetoes bill that would weaken clean-energy standards

Ohio Governor John Kasich followed through with a promise he made earlier in 2016 to reject any further reduction to clean-energy standards (see our February 9, 2016 blog post) by vetoing House Bill 554, The Columbus Dispatch reports. The state’s standards for annual renewable energy and energy efficiency benchmarks were frozen in 2014, but that freeze was due to expire at the end of 2016. House Bill 554, which passed both the House and Senate in December 2016, would have made energy efficiency and renewable energy standards “optional for the next two years, after which the mandates would have resumed,” according to the article. Gov. Kasich said the bill “amounts to self-inflicted damage to both our state’s near- and long-term economic competitiveness,” and said his veto was “in the public interest.” For more, read the full article

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy