Airstream adding 100-percent renewable-powered facility

A $40-million expansion of Airstream’s Jackson Center operations will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy, the Dayton Daily News reports. The company’s “entire Jackson Center campus,” including the new 750,000-square-foot facility, will be powered by renewable energy credits, according to the article. Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO, said, “[o]ur work at Airstream is inextricably linked to the outdoors, so we are continuously exploring ways to do more with less. Powering our operations through renewable energy credits purchased here in Ohio is a net win for our community and our customers.” Last year, the travel trailer manufacturer “offset 4,220 metric tons of CO2 by using renewable energy certificates,” the equivalent of emissions produced by more than 10 million miles of driving for the average vehicle. For more, read the full article.

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