Litigation may decide future of Lordstown’s second $900M power plant

Will the $900-million Lordstown Energy Center power plant stand alone, or be joined by a second planned facility, the Trumbull Energy Center? Legal action may decide, The Vindicator reports. In October 2017, the Ohio Power Siting Board granted permission for the Trumbull Energy Center to be built (see our October 13, 2017 blog post). The Trumbull Energy Center builder, Clean Energy Future (CEF), has filed suit in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court “asking a judge to enforce agreements Clean Energy Future and its president William Siderewicz signed with Clean Energy Future Lordstown [CEF-Lordstown],” the owner of Lordstown Energy Center, according to the article. The litigation states that CEF-Lordstown “is delaying a decision on whether to sign off on Clean Energy Future being allowed to construct the second plant.” CEF-Lordstown “said the reason for the delay is to conduct a months-long study to determine the impact the second plant would have on the first plant.” For more, read the full article.

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