First Solar’s new Series 6 panels will be “revolutionary”

The unveiling of a new production line at First Solar Inc.’s Perrysburg Township plant gave a group of media members and Wall Street analysts “a glimpse into the company’s future,” The Toledo Blade reports. The company spent “$177 million to retool the plant” for its new Series 6 production “beginning early in next year’s second quarter,” according to the article. The new “efficient and flexible” production line will “produce enough panels annually to generate 600 megawatts of power.” The new Series 6 panels “will be nothing short of revolutionary,” according to Mike Koralewski, First Solar’s global manufacturing leader. First Solar “uses thin-film technology based on a cadmium-tellurium formula” which in the past had created smaller panels than the silicon-based panels made by other manufacturers. The Series 6 will match the size of silicon-based panels, making them “very competitive.” For more, read the full article

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