Will PUCO’s new net metering rules hinder solar’s growth in Ohio?

Environmental advocates are concerned about Ohio’s new net metering rules that change “how utilities compensate customers who supply their own excess generation to the grid,” MidwestEnergyNews.com reports. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) released the new rules, which “would not credit customers with the ‘capacity’ portion of their overall rate” for that excess generation, but would credit them “just the energy-only portion . . . about 85 percent of the bundled rate,” according to the article. This change represents “a shift from the PUCO’s previous position”; in 2014, the PUCO “moved to require utilities to compensate net metering customers for the full retail rate.” The new rules also could “discourage customers from shopping for competitive rates or switching electricity suppliers,” because they “provide only for credits against future charges, rather than direct payment of amounts due.” Customers who shop for a different supplier would risk losing the value of credits they’ve earned. For more, read the full article

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