Solar project will supply a third of Monroeville’s power

The village of Monroeville is partnering with Eitri Foundry to create a solar park at the Monroeville Reservoir, a project that should “power about a third” of the village, the Norwalk Reflector reports. Village council president pro-tem Chris Raferty said the Monroeville Solar Park “will decrease our usage costs incrementally.” Local contractors “are placing about 15,000 solar panels on 18 acres,” and EHOVE Career Center students have been working on the job site twice a week, doing both hands-on tasks and learning trade coordination, according to the article. The park will have “a 360-degree, controllable live-feed camera” which will monitor the solar field and “keep track of ‘the clear view of the western horizon to monitor for severe weather,’” in coordination with NOAA Weather Service in Cleveland and “the local SKYWARN team.” For more, read the full article


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