Bringing solar power to more farms: Third Sun partners with DFA

Ohio-based Third Sun Solar and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) have “teamed up to help bring solar panel technology to more DFA member farms,” OhioFarmer reports. The partnership “will provide DFA members in its Mideast Area with access to project planning, development, support and discounted pricing for on-farm solar power programs,” according to the article. David Darr, president of farm services at DFA, said “we hope to make solar technology more mainstream as the economic and environmental opportunities for farmers are incredibly beneficial.” Kibler Dairy Farm in Warren, Ohio, for example, “recently worked with Third Sun Solar to install 480 solar panels at their family farm,” a project that is expected to produce 163.2 kilowatts of power and provide more than $23,000 in savings during the first year. Third Sun Solar co-founder Michelle Greenfield said the increased durability of today’s solar panels makes solar “far more attainable for farmers.” For more, read the full article.

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