Davis-Besse plant decision will have major economic impact on Ottawa County

Whether or not closing Ottawa County’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station would harm grid reliability (see our July 3, 2017 blog post), the economic impact of shutting down the plant could be dramatic, the Port Clinton News Herald reports. A 2015 Nuclear Energy Institute economic study of the Davis-Besse plant shows its operation “generates $805 million of annual economic output in Ottawa County and $1.1 billion statewide,” according to the article. Davis-Besse currently employs 700 people at an average annual salary of approximately $86,000, and the plant’s activities “support 3,600 other full-time jobs statewide.” County economic development director Jamie Beier Grant and Ottawa County Commissioner Mark Stahl “have made two trips to Washington D.C. to meet with federal officials in hopes of getting some federal help” to keep the plant running (see our October 25, 2017 blog post). For more, read the full article

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