Columbus lauded as “punching above its weight” in its internet sector

A new study detailing “the size and impact of the internet sector on cities throughout the United States” lists Columbus as one of four cities that “punch above their weight,” The Columbus Dispatch reports. Columbus has 1,500 internet businesses — compared to the average city’s 600 — and 25,400 internet-sector jobs, almost three times the average city’s 9,000. Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City, Missouri joined Columbus as cities chosen as “innovative models of how places and policymakers can evolve in the dramatically shifting economic and cultural currents of the past two decades,” the report said. Tom Walker, president and CEO of venture-capital and business-incubator Rev1 Ventures, said “the report is no surprise because Columbus has been focused on making progress in the internet sector for more than a decade,” according to the article. The study cited Columbus’s “victory in the Smart City challenge” as a moment the city “became known, almost overnight, as an innovation hub.” For more, read the full article

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