Big development projects have positive effects on Butler County region

Liberty Center, Amazon’s fulfillment center, and the AK Steel Research & Innovation Center are among the big commercial developments creating positive impacts on Butler County, the Journal-News reports. Over the past five years, “[t]he value of commercial building in Butler County has increased more than 125 percent,” according to the article. The $350 million Liberty Center project has generated jobs and increased sales tax revenue that now supports “a big chunk of the county’s operational fund” to pay costs of key public “services like public safety, the courts and other county services.” Officials said Liberty Center “is delivering about $2 million” in annual sales tax revenue. The Amazon Fulfillment Center being built in Monroe will “have a profound impact — 1,000 full-time jobs — on the region as a whole (see our September 8, 2017 blog post),” the Journal-News reports. Middletown “has seen the biggest jump in commercial growth” due to the $13 million AK Steel research facility and the $20 million Kettering Health Network facility, among others. For more, read the full article.

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