More businesses complied with terms of incentive award agreements than originally indicated

On February 28, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine issued revisions to a general assembly report released late last year, titled Business Entity Compliance with State Awards for Economic Development, indicating that more businesses that had received state incentives "met with the terms of the awards than originally indicated," according to Gongwer (see our January 12 blog post for more information).

Whereas the original report said that 220 of 420 total businesses complied (52.4%), the new report indicates that 199 of 337 total businesses (59.1%) "substantially complied," the article said. Tracking errors were blamed for the inaccurate statistics, which the Department of Development intends to remedy by designing a new data tracking system and updating internal policies and procedures, among other measures, the article said. For more, read the revised report here.

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